People, Connections, Results

Kinetica Ventures accelerates emerging technologies to help industry partners address key challenges and achieve world-class performance.

Kinetica was launched in 2015 through an Innovate Calgary initiative to develop an energy technology accelerator program. The launch was made possible with $3 million in funding over five years from the Government of Canada through the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program (CAIP). The program is also supported by Alberta Economic Development and Trade.

Since launching in January 2015, Kinetica clients have:

  • Secured over $750,000 in grant funding
  • Raised almost $1,000,000 in equity
  • 9 clients have secured pilot tests with industry, and another 4 are currently short-listed for pilots
  • Won over $70,000 in pitch competitions
  • Placed 8 experienced entrepreneurs into the startups to help them grow faster

Powered by Innovate Calgary, Kinetica bridges the gap between the energy industry and technology innovators. It is a uniquely industry-driven program, working closely with key partners in the energy sector to identify their most pressing challenges within four Focus Areas: hydrocarbon recovery; energy transport; carbon capture, re-use and disposal; and renewable energy.

Kinetica assists local, national and international technology innovators and entrepreneurs by providing access to the necessary capital, expertise and relationships to commercialize their industry-validated technologies more efficiently and cost effectively.

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The Kinetica Difference

Kinetica has developed trusted relationships with industry and to date have identified over 365 broad challenges and developed 12 detailed challenge descriptions.  This means that Kinetica can quickly provide feedback to technology developers regarding the market interest for their technology. 

Kinetica searches the globe using an in-depth scouting process to find companies with potential solutions to address industry challenges. Kinetica also welcomes technology developers who believe they have a prototype technology of interest to the energy sector to approach us directly: Connect with us.

Kinetica’s relationships with energy sector companies and market pull approach means that a new innovation has a much better chance of receiving serious attention from industry and hands-on guidance with development, field testing and implementation. 

Unlike cohort-based accelerators, Kinetica’s customized approach ensures that each technology developer client receives the best mentoring at the right time to accelerate technology towards industry adoption and the company forward to grant and investor funding. 

What we do

Understand Industry's Challenges

Work with Energy Industry Partners to increase our understanding of the challenges in de-risking and adopting innovation.

Find Potential Solutions

Conduct global tech scouting to find solutions from other sectors and regions that can be adapted to help transform the energy sector.

De-Risk the Solutions

Work with innovators to help them understand industry's needs and de-risk their innovative offering so it is ready for pilot testing and adoption by the energy industry.

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