Understanding Industry's Challenges

Kinetica Ventures works closely with key energy industry partners to identify and prioritize innovation opportunities, and find solutions for these opportunities. We have initiated discussions with many of the major energy players in Alberta’s energy sector, which has resulted in the detailed Technology Opportunities List below.

The Technology Opportunities List is a living document, which will continue to transform and evolve as discussions with industry continue, and as we work with technology developers to help the energy sector solve challenges.

If you are a technology developer with an innovative solution for any of the listed opportunities, or an energy company with additional technology opportunity areas, CONTACT US to learn how Kinetica can help.

Kinetica's Focus Areas:

  Hydrocarbon Recovery & Processing
  Transport of Energy
  Renewable Energy

Energy Industry's Top Technology Opportunities:

  • Efficiency


      Increase facility efficiencies through waste heat utilization

      Increase boiler combustion efficiencies

      Reduce cost of bitumen extraction

      Field upgrading

  • Efficiency / Integrity


      Corrosion prevention

      Scaling and fouling prevention

  • Environment


      Soil remediation and habitat reclamation

      Wildlife monitoring and protection

      Tailings treatments

      Pollution abatement

  • Environment / Efficiency


      Cost-competitive renewable energy generation

      Renewable energy integration

  • Health & Safety


      Mitigate worker health and safety risks

  • Projects


      Improve project delivery outcomes

      Optimize supply chain interfaces

  • Recovery


      Improve steam-oil recovery ratios

      Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

      Unconventional oil and gas (UOG) technologies

      Emulsion breakers

      Improve product quality of marketable bitumen resources 

  • Transport


      Improve bitumen transportation

      Diluent substitutions and accessibility 

  • Transport / Integrity


      Enhance pipeline integrity and leak mitigation 

  • Water / Efficiency


      Increase water conservation in extraction and production processes

      Improve industrial water treatment

      Minimize boiler blowdown

  • Synergy


      Multi-challenge solutions through novel technology configurations 

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